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A uniting ceremony called wedding

A uniting ceremony called wedding

Since the evolution of mankind, the humans have developed several types of ceremonies that unite selected male and female persons together, so as to lead a new life. This ceremony is called marriage or wedding. Irrespective of where this process called marriage has evolved, it is being followed by all people in all regions of the world. The wedding process has become a kind of tradition to unite two people from different families and offering them a new life to lead together. After the wedding, it is the decision of these husband and wife to have kids, have a new home, and to lead a relaxed life together.

Types of weddings in different regions of the world

Wedding is the most common thing that is to happen in any part of the world and to any person in any region of the world. But, people have evolved themselves into different sects with varying tastes and preferences that divide them into different sections of the society. So, along with their varying tastes and preferences and lifestyles, their wedding celebrations also differ from one another based on their tastes and preferences and lifestyles.

Types of weddings in different regions of the world

While Hindus have one kind of marriage celebrations in their own country, on the other hand Christians in United States follow another completely different kind of wedding ceremony. Similarly, Muslims of Persian and Arabic countries follow their own customs and traditions in conducting a marriage ceremony. While Christians give importance to the latest and recent advances in conducting their marriage ceremonies, Hindus and Muslims follow the traditional practises in conducting their marriage ceremonies.

All over the world, there are different types of weddings that are followed:

  • Civil wedding
  • Destination wedding
  • Double wedding
  • Elopement
  • Handfasting
  • Highland or Scottish wedding
  • Mass wedding
  • Military wedding
  • Vow renewal wedding
  • Same-sex wedding
  • Shotgun wedding
  • Weekend wedding
  • White wedding
  • Peasant wedding

Wedding Industry in the world

According to the facts and figures, in the year 2016 alone, wedding industry was worth $ 300 billion. Out of this, the United States wedding industry alone was worth $ 60 billion in the same year. The wedding industry in the United States employs over one million people in a total of more than 600,000 businesses that are belonging to wedding services, and it is also observed that the wedding industry in the country grows every year by 2%. Since, the country is mostly dependent on technology and there have been many technological advancements recently, the wedding industry also has grown considerably well in this period.

Use of Wedding Planners

The usage of wedding planners also has grown tremendously in the wedding industry. It is recently that the use of wedding planners has started in the wedding industry. The wedding planners take care of everything from the selection of bride and groom attire to the decoration of the wedding place. People from all over the world have now started using this type of wedding type, where wedding planners are being used to conduct their wedding and paying them some fee for their services.