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The excellent treatment for sleep apnea!

Sleep apnea is a kind of health disorder in which “apnea” is derived from the Greek word meaning “without breath”. A patient who is affected from the sleep apnea usually face difficulty in breathing at the time of sleep. This situation occurs many times during sleep and for about one minute or more. This happens if there is a complete blockage of air way or by any minimum amount of obstruction. Both these conditions make the patient to wake up from his sleep. In general, the sleep apnea is of three different types which include obstructive, central and mixed. One of the most common types is the obstructive sleep apnea which affects many people worldwide. In many cases, the location of this disorder is found in the soft palate tissue, which is at the base of tongue.

As there will be no cartilage in this area, it opens when the air is passing by. It is open during the daytime and when the person who is suffering from obstructive sleeps apnea, it gets blocked during sleeping. This stops breathing automatically and resulting into the disturbance in sleep. This disorder generally affect people who are over weighted or in other words people who suffer from OSA will face weight gain. Fortunately, this disorder treatable, and the Winx sleep therapy system is the useful equipment that is helpful in getting rid of from this order. One can get to know about the Winx sleep therapy system cost from the internet.

Oral pressure therapy

This equipment is made of the mouthpiece, console, tubing system; the mouthpiece has to be kept inside the mouth and a vacuum is produced on the soft palate and tongue. This pulls the tissues of the soft palate and the tongue forward which relieves the person from the obstruction. Likewise, if the issue is big then the excessive tissues are pulled for getting relief from obstruction.

As a result, the size of airway is increased leading to the hassle free breathing. The tube which is inserted in the mouth is light and slim, thus it will not produce any disturbance during sleep. The mouthpiece is very small so that the patient can switch to any comfortable sleeping position without much hassle. The console is a small and portable thus it will not cause any interference during sleep. Winx sleep therapy system cost is highly affordable and is easy to use, maintain and cleaning. Thus, this is the best treatment for the obstructive sleep apnea which is recommended by sleep therapists globally.