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Pressure Independent Valves

The Pressure Independent Valves at Blackhawk supply

Before getting into the topic, let us know what is a valve. This is a device which has the ability to direct, regulate and control the flow of either gas or liquid etc. this regulating or directing or controlling the flow can be achieved by closing, opening or partially closing the way of passage. These are technically fittings. Fluid will flow in the direction form high to low in an open valve.

These PICVs (pressure independent control valves) are the control valves which are the automatic flow regulating and automatic temperature controlling valves. These are packed or packaged in a single valve body. A regular actuated temperature control valve is being performed with a ball valve which has a characterized insert. This pressure control cartridge will provide the automatic flow regulation which will maintain the flow of the cold or chilled water and the hot water to be constant, this is regardless and has no relation to the pressure changes of the system. For more and the detailed information with pictures, visit the following link pressure independent valves section.

pressure independent control valves

Advantages of the PICV

These are being widely used in HVAC applications which are closed loop. They will regulate the constant flow and also it will be maintained to the coil as the pressure of water in the system gets varied with the loads been changed. This also increases the efficiency of energy, gives the best comfort, expensive call backs can be reduced and actuator operation can be reduced. System performance will be better with these pressure independent control valves. Integration of the dynamic balancing into a single product is done by these PICVs.

At the Blackhawk Supply

When you open the website of the pressure independent valves, open the section of control supplies where you can get the control supplies which you are looking for like the control valves, sensor, damper actuator, displays, networking routers etc. they offer the best and the high quality of products. They also supply the popular brands with huge selection and thereby it is easier to find whatever is necessary for you. The delivery of the product is also quick and fast once the order has been placed.

Under the categories of the control supplies, you can find the control valves, if you click the control valves which is underlined and in blue, you will be taken into another page where you can find about the pressure control valves.

Don’t think or don’t delay, get your PICV for your home or commercial purpose right now!